Self-development women who want to get un-stuck.

I felt stuck for so long! On the outside it looked as though I had my shit together. I was “happily married” to my best friend for almost a decade, I owned a profitable company and was expecting my second baby. The truth is that my life was falling apart and I didn’t even know it. All I knew was that I felt miserable and STUCK.

Lots of self-development and spiritual healing later…I am happy to report that I am no longer stuck. Today my life looks like a complete disaster from the outside but the truth is that I am finally unstuck, actually happy and feel like I am growing into the person I was always meant to be.

This is not a blog about divorce or overcoming narcissistic abuse in childhood. This is a blog about self -development and choosing to THRIVE despite the ugliest of circumstances.


Lyuba’s Story

Lyuba HI left my husband 11 days before our 11 year anniversary at 11 weeks pregnant with our second child. (If you are a numerologist interested in decoding this, let me know.) My 2.5 year old son and I moved in with my parents… my therapist actually approved this decision!

I turned 30 three weeks later. I have been through SOOOO much in the last decade and yet, this was my lowest low. Moving back in with my parents was second on my worst case scenario list. Number one on that list is being homeless.

I didn’t plan to move out. I woke up one day enveloped in the horror of what my life has become and decided to just walk out. This move was a huge surprise both to me and everyone around me; I heard a lot of “told you so’s and serves your right’s” from my parents. They told me that I am damaged goods and will be doomed to loneliness because who needs such a f-up with 2 kids?! My mother’s birthday toast to me was a rant on how much of a burden I have been since my birth and how come such a young, beautiful and smart woman just can’t get her shit together.

I expected everyone else in my life to react the exact same way that my parents did. I was SHOCKED when instead my mother’s 60+ year old friends said stuff like, “Good for you! I’ve been living with this a-hole for 30 years!” My peers where even more supportive, many of them opened up about their own troubled marriages that were making them physically ill.

Too many of the amazing women I know feel stuck in crappy situations. I get it, I was there for 8 years. I feel called to share my experience.

There is no “Fresh Start” Without First “Unraveling to Better”.

In order for anyone to thrive and reach their life goals/ dreams, it isFor The About Page necessary to unravel the past, forgive the mistakes and learn the lessons. There are plenty of people that are stuck in the same story, even when the characters change. Women who marry one abusive husband after the next, people who suffer with financial hardships for decades, etc. That is because they never unkinked their limiting beliefs. One of my absolute favorite self-development coaches (Denise Duffield- Thomas from Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp) always reminds me that self-development is like starting a new skincare regimen. Those of you who are fellow adult acne sufferers, have learned the hard way that you skin actually gets more pimply before it clears up after starting a new skincare regimen. That is because all the bacteria needs to rise to the surface and get cleared away before your skin can heal. It’s the same with everything else in your life.

Unraveling to rock bottom gives you the opportunity to clean up so that you can start fresh.


More About Me:

I am a serial entrepreneur with a handful of successful ventures and two handfuls of learning experiences. My children are the light of my life! We live in the Twin Cities. For media inquiries reach out to: lyuba (at) unravelingtobetter (dot) com